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Millie & Lou

Millie & Lou believes that a gentle and relaxed feel does not mean you can’t look good as well. Our reworks, as well as new lines have been designed just for that. Regardless of what you are doing all day, you can look great, and maybe almost as important feel comfortable doing it.

We are a shop that aims to curate the perfect pieces for all people. Our prints are created in-house, or have been created by artists around the world.

A R T I S T || C O L L A B O R A T I O N S

James Wilson @byjameswilson - The Paola and Wilson prints.

Mara Barringer @mara_________b - Girl With Vase print.

Lise - Lotte Offenberg Bergqvist @liloonpaper - The Reina and Leah prints.

Jessalyn Brooks @jessalynbrooks - The Meridian Woman print.

Madeline Waits @madelinewaits - The Sola and Vessel print.

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