This last year humbled and grounded me in ways I didn't even know I was needing, so I compiled some thoughts, feelings & directions I want to take with me into the new year in no order or hierachy.

-  Ignite play back into your work. You're so concerned with how many pieces you're physically capable of producing and it's robbing you of creative freedom and joy. The values you have been taught and the values you cherish are tired of combating one another. 

- Find a way back from reclusion. What was once intoxicating has become isolating and bitter tasting. You're too far out at sea, time to reel it in.

- Write more/Share more. Even if the thought makes you cringe, get over it. If you think people don't want to hear it, get over that too. Share anyway. Just don't preach. Maybe practicing some vulnerability would be good for you. 

- Divorce yourself from the idea that life will begin from milestones. This frustration everytime that goal post moves leaving you in endless waiting.

- The Sisyphean task of killing your ego.

-  Read with appetite.

- Call your mother.

I hope to look back on this in a year and feel some accomplishment or motion towards the person I want to be. 

Thanks for being here.